Future Plans for Simulators

The first simulator will be mounted on a mobile platform and taken to Mumbai,Hyderabad,Bengaluru & interior places like Satara,Koregaon initially and over a phased period. AASF will then add more simulators to its fleet to reach other parts of the country. The foundation eventually hopes to acquire two more simulators after testing the feasibility of the pilot project.

The Jeet Aerospace Institute will in the meantime be well underway and be able to offer tailored courses for the different segments which will benefit from them. There are plans for AASF along with Jeet Aerospace Institute to acquire five acres of land with a view to housing the institute and the training facility.

Besides this the institute will conduct orientation courses for students, teachers, parents, and aspiring pilots, as well as offer career guidance and counselling.

The idea behind imparting knowledge through these courses is not only to attract youngsters to aviation, but also to inculcate a certain sense of discipline. These courses would be used as a platform, in enlightening the younger generation of the level of professionalism required to become successful in any career path they may choose. This in turn instills in them a sense of civic responsibility and awareness and a respect for rules and regulation. For a pilot and an aircraft maintenance crew, being negligent in any of these can mean the difference between life and death.